Crafted for Conversation

Water, Hops, Malts and Yeast

Our beers are inspired by the old world traditions, but created using modern techniques with contemporary tastes in mind. A blend of both tradition and modernism that everyone, no matter their tastes or backgrounds, can enjoy.

Continental Lagers

These are pure malt styles that are starting to gain some attention in our hop focused culture. Lagers allows for no mistakes, no extreme flavors to hide behind. Avoiding participation in the IBU hop wars, we focus on making drinkable and nuanced lagers, resulting in our first beer - Dead Canary. While the trend in craft beer making in California and beyond is to have hop and yeast behind the wheel, we let the malt and water do most of the talking. We self-carbonate our lagers for a superior and lasting mouthfeel. Folks often talk about how when tasting these brews, it throws them right back to the fine beer halls of Germany.

Ales and IPAs

From the darkest stouts, spicy and complex saisons, to hazy and clear IPA's, we make something for most beer drinkers. Never extreme in flavor, we always find a way to keep our beers balanced and complete.

Project X

These beers are seasonal or one-off brews. Truly unique and special, keep an eye out for these as they won't often come again. These require extensive aging, and barrels are often involved. 

Drink together with friends at our Taproom or the Roadhouse.

We can't wait to serve you some delicious beer.