Best of Show - 2016 California State Fair

The fact that three nationally-ranked BJCP judges and two respected brewers judged Ol’ Republic Brewery’s simple, yet sophisticated “Dortmunder Export” the best beer out of 1,266 beer entries, validates that the brewery’s dedication to time-honored, old world techniques is worth the effort.


Dortmund Export Lager     4.8% abv


KEYWORDS: Wonder bread, grits, pancakes, fizzy

MALT BILL: Base – 100% Weyermann 2-row Pils

HOPS: Bittering Perle, Tettnang  Aroma Saaz

TASTING NOTES: This lager begins with a water profile closer to the more mineral waters of Dortmund in West Germany. This allows for the wonderful malt characteristics to shine, exhibiting aromas of white bread and grits. Our painstaking step mashing process rounds out the flavor profile of pancakes. A touch of noble hops added at just the right moment in the boil underscores the subtle, yet complex interplay between the malts and the hops, while Saaz hops added at flameout keeps the sugars in check with it’s herbal spice notes. This beer personifies our brewing philosophy. Pair with triple creme cheeses like Humbolt Fog. This Dortmunder Export lager recipe evolved during the 19th century in Dortmund, Germany. Ol’ Republic’s version is straw-colored, elegant, light and crisp with a medium-dry finish. Perfect for newcomers to craft beer, and appreciated by beer connoisseurs.

"Ol’ Republic really is a gold nugget in the northern California area and Nevada City. They are literally brewing a lager using the same methods and achieving the high quality of the pre-prohibition era. Back ten years ago there were only four breweries in California making lagers. There are now 65 breweries just in the Greater Sacramento area. Ol’ Republic is winning these awards because of their commitment to not take any shortcuts, and that results in great beer. You won’t find a nicer, more passionate group of people anywhere."

Mike Moore

Lead State Fair Judge

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