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Do you have a birthday or anniversary party? Somebody retiring? Getting hitched? Each taproom is available for parties every day  for your special event. There is no rental fee, we just ask that you buy our beer – and only our beer*. Each taproom has areas that may be reserved for private events. Give us a call or send us a message below.

We provide kegs for off site events too! Half barrel kegs (15.5 gallons) can be purchased for weddings and special events. Sixtels (5.16 gallons) are available for home kegorators. Complete dispensing solutions (jockey boxes and CO2) are available to rent and even ice, local delivery and set-up can be accommodated. See pricing options below. If you'd like more information, please send a message to the taproom you'd like to pick up from. 

* Sorry, ABC law prohibits any other alcohol being in any of our taprooms. This includes wine, spirits and other beer brands including non-alcoholic and gluten free.

ol' Republic Brewery

124 Argall Way

Nevada City, CA 95959


Tel: 530-264-7263

ol' Republic Brewery

11151 Trade Center Drive

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670


Tel: TBD


If we are pouring it in the taproom, or it's listed as coming soon, we may have it available for your event or home kegerator. Call the taproom you will be picking up from to see what is available today. Minimum 48 hours notice for keg reservations, minimum seven day notice for jockey boxes.

1/2 barrel keg

15.5 gallons 120 x 16oz servings



1/6 barrel refill

5.16 gallons 40 x 16oz servings


1/6 barrel pub keg fee

A one time fee for the keg the beer comes in - next time you bring in the empty one, we waive the fee


Jockey Box Rental

Provides faucets for 2 beers.


Refundable "Cash" deposit for Jockey Box

Must be cash. Will be returned upon receipt of undamaged jockey box.


Local Delivery and Set Up

We drop off all the equipment and make sure it's running smoothly. Only local drop offs.



You'll need lots of ice for the jockey box and the kegs, we make sure you've got it!


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