Ales and IPAs

This category of beer uses yeast that ferments at the top of the fermentation vessel, and typically at higher temperatures (60-75F) than lager yeast. As a result, this makes for a quicker fermentation period (7-8 days, or even less). Ale yeast are known to produce by-products called esters, which are "flowery" and "fruity" aromas ranging, but not limited to apple, pear, pineapple, grass, hay, plum, and prune.


Cologne Hybrid Ale    4.8% abv

KEYWORDS: Clear, floral, stone fruit, light, creamy, spice

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pale  Specialties– Rye, Acidulated

HOPS: Bittering All Noble  Aroma – Spalt

TASTING NOTES: Pale straw yellow, with a delicate nose of elderflower and stone fruit. This light sparkler is fermented in the colder range for the style, which retains the stone fruit aromas while amplifying clean floral notes. The unusually high amount of rye for

the style is kept in check through careful mash-in temperature control. Light aromas of stone fruit and blossoms play off the subtle rye character of earthy spice and yeast phenolics. The zesty spice of the Spalt hops underscores these aromas and flavors for one refreshing day drinking beer. Pair with a broad selection of lighter food, such as cheeses and salmon.


Irish Red Ale    6.3% abv

KEYWORDS: Semi-Dry, Dark crusty bread, Maple syrup, heather, honey

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pale, Maris Otter Specialties – Crystal Light, Crystal Dark, Crystal Extra Dark

HOPS: Bittering Herkules  Aroma – Fuggles

TASTING NOTES: Deep amber/ruby in color, clear, with aromas of brown sugar and baked grains, this smooth Irish Sea beer envelopes you with a layered texture of caramel flavors, dark crusty bread, with a tiny hint of Islay Scotch on the nose. It’s fully

reminiscent of a loaf of freshly baked wheat bread coming out of a wood fired oven. This semi-dry beer with a medium body is best in slightly chilly weather alongside shepherd’s pie or corned beef.


Pale Ale   5.0% abv

KEYWORDS: Dry, melon, berry, citrus, forest floor, refreshing

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pale, Maris Otter Specialties – Carafoam

HOPS: Bittering Warrior, Cascade, CTZ  Aroma – Cascade, Mosaic Dry Hop – Azacca, El Dorado, Mosaic

TASTING NOTES: This is a modern take on an American Pale, with a lighter malt profile, and a great balance between the bittering and aroma hops. Azacca brings fruity notes of watermelon, apple, and mango. Berries from El Dorado. Both being supported by a

dank orange of Mosaic. Traditional American pales have been malty in the past, much like their english counterparts, but used American grown hops (think Sierra Lightning). Today’s iteration of the style is to shift the hop profile to their volatile oils and aromas, that are best underscored by a lean and dry malt profile, increasing the perceived juice-like qualities.


English IPA   5.9% abv

KEYWORDS: Baked apple, toffee, herbaceous, woodsy

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pale, Maris Otter Specialties – Biscuit, Caramalt, Light Crystal

HOPS: Bittering Magnum  Aroma – East Kent Golding, Fuggles Dry Hop – Whole Leaf, East Kent Golding

TASTING NOTES: Clear, sparkling, and light amber in appearance, with a nose of toffee, caramel, baked apple and herbaceous spice, this is the Pete Townsend of English IPAs. We have added a touch of gypsum to the brewing water, resulting in a stronger malt

flavor without increasing the amount of barley, thus keeping the ABV in the 6% range. This beer is for the folk who enjoy a good balance between toffee and cooked sugar flavors, and a bitter profile of all English hops. Think opposite end of the IPA spectrum

from our Clouds of Jupiter – malty, clear, slightly sweet and bitter. Pair with Curry (but not Steph).

MEDALS: 1 Gold


Hazy IPA   7.3% abv

KEYWORDS: Semi-dry, juicy, tropical fruit, chewy, lime, mandarin

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pale  Specialties – Flaked Oats, Pale Wheat, Flaked Wheat

HOPS: Bittering Warrior  Aroma – Citra, Mosaic Dry Hop – Citra, Idaho 7, Eukanot

TASTING NOTES: Unfiltered pale yellow in appearance with a nose of fruit, conifers and citrus, this full-body IPA has a juice-like quality from extra proteins provided by liberal additions of unmalted wheat and oats. We softened the water profile to maximize the

aroma and punch up the essential oil perception. Pleasant, slightly sticky and resinous aftertaste lingers but without a huge dose of bitterness, due to a restrained use of Warrior hops. Dry hop profile is melon, berry, orange peel, lime, papaya, pine and fresh

peppers from Eukanot. Pungent tropical fruit and pine character comes from Idaho 7. Citra needs no intro-duction, as it’s been the trendiest hop in West coast brewing for a decade.


Hazy IPA   6.8% abv

KEYWORDS: Soft, juicy, thick, passion fruit, citrus, alien life

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pale, Maris Otter  Specialties – Flaked Oats, Flaked Wheat

HOPS: Bittering Wakatu  Aroma – Amarillo, Motueka Dry Hop – Galaxy, Motueka

TASTING NOTES: This beer is worlds away from our typical “cleanest lager in the land”. But we’re here to show that those that know how to play by the rules, know how to break them best. This beer pours opaque pale with a thick billowy head due to higher protein content from the flaked oats and wheat and softened water. This creates the backbone that gives this beer the thick and chewy body with a cracker flavor. Wakatu hop delivers slight floral touches and very light bittering notes, while bringing on the citrus. Amarillo puts a bucket of oranges in it, while keeping the funk alive. Liberal additions of Galaxy allow us to not only add to the tropical fruit salad with passionfruit and melons, but to take this beer into deep space. Carl Sagan sent music. We’re loading the capsule with this hazy IPA.


Hazy DIPA   8.7% abv

KEYWORDS: Light caramel, walnuts, fruit salad, lemongrass

MALT BILL: Base – Golden Promise  Specialties – Flaked Oats, Flaked Barley, Flaked Wheat

HOPS: Bittering Warrior  Aroma – Eukonot, Mosaic Dry Hop – Mandarina Bavaria, Idaho 7

TASTING NOTES: Hazy and golden-like fresh squeezed OJ, the beauty of using Golden Promise malt is the magical glowing orange body with a wonderful nutty sweetness that it inserts into every beer it is a part of. Aromas of burnt orange skin, pineapple, sweet peaches and lemongrass are mixed in with sweet malt. Light bitterness is here only to offset the residual sugar (RS) that is necessary for a higher gravity beer, and with a slight middle-earthy character makes us think of walnuts. Not bitter at all in the IPA sense of bitter, all the hopping is done very late in the brewing process, resulting in one hell of a sticky juice bomb. This beer can see itself from the future having gone through the black hole. Best enjoyed over a roaring fire and conversation about how the hell we got here and where do we go now.


London Export Stout  6.7% abv

KEYWORDS: Coffee, Smooth, Chocolate, Raisins, Earthy

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pils, Maris Otter  Specialties – Roast Barley, Crystal Dark, Chocolate Malt, Black Malt

HOPS: Bittering Herkules, Saaz Aroma – East Kent Golding 

TASTING NOTES:  Blackest color in just about any beer of this ABV without the bitterness is achieved through careful manipulation of mash temperatures. Aromas of chocolate and coffee abound, with an underlying hint of earthy spice and dark dried fruits,

reminiscent of figs and raisins. This beer has a full body, medium sweetness, and very clean, layered roast notes without any astringency or burnt flavors often found in this style. This beer is an all rounder, without being out of place in the summer, due to it’s medium-low alcohol levels, but is truly best as a winter warmer, alongside desserts, and as a base for ice-cream floats.

MEDALS: 1 Silver