Continental Lagers

The word lager comes from the German word lager  which means "to store". A perfect description as lagers are brewed with bottom fermenting yeast that work slowly at around 34°F, and are often further stored at cool temperatures to mature. Lager yeast produces fewer by-product characters than ale yeast which allows for other flavors to pull through, such as hops.


Dortmund Export Lager     4.8% abv


KEYWORDS: Wonder bread, grits, pancakes, fizzy

MALT BILL: Base – 100% Weyermann 2-row Pils

HOPS: Bittering Perle, Tettnang  Aroma Saaz

TASTING NOTES: This lager begins with a water profile closer to the more mineral waters of Dortmund in West Germany. This allows for the wonderful malt characteristics to shine, exhibiting aromas of white bread and grits. Our painstaking step mashing process rounds out the flavor profile of pancakes. A touch of noble hops added at just the right moment in the boil underscores the subtle, yet complex interplay between the malts and the hops, while Saaz hops added at flameout keeps the sugars in check with it’s herbal spice notes. This beer personifies our brewing philosophy. Pair with triple creme cheeses like Humbolt Fog.

MEDALS: 1 Best of Show, 1 Gold, 1 Bronze


German Pilsner     4.8% abv


KEYWORDS: Clear, sparkling, soft, round, grassy, herbs

MALT BILL: Base – Bohemian Floor Malted Pilsner  Specialties – Light Munich, CaraPils

HOPS: Bittering Saaz  Aroma Saaz  Dry Hop - Saaz

TASTING NOTES: Classic silky rich honey notes and lively carbonation make this beer very refreshing and memorable. It’s naturally carbonated using the Spunding Technique. Overall the beer is very clean and refreshing with a solid but understated layer of bittering that cleans up the malt body. To clear up any confusion, Pilsners are the original India Pale Lagers that were the continental answer to imported English Pale Ales. The city of Plsen has very soft water supply, helping to define the style as we know it today. Ours was fermented at 50f for 2 weeks, it was then ramped down to 45f for 6 days to carb and then cold crashed to 32f to clean up. It is gently filtered to make it sparkle. Pair with lighter food, such as salads, seafood and chicken.


Munich Helles Lager     5.3% abv


KEYWORDS: Baguette, biscuit, mild citrus, light earthy spice, refreshing

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pils, Vienna, 2-Row Pale  Specialties – Caramunich

HOPS: BitteringPerle  Aroma Hallertau Mittlefruh, Tettnang 

TASTING NOTES: Golden, clear and brilliant appearance, it has a clean grainy aroma with hints of straw and white bread. Medium mouthfeel and flavors of cracker and biscuit are underscored by a delicate touch of all Noble hops. This self-carbonated rich and malty golden lager has a balanced flavor profile of subtle complexity. Pair with summertime and tank tops.


Bavarian Black Lager     4.7% abv


KEYWORDS: Cocoa, coffee, cherry, refreshing, light

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pils, Vienna  Specialties – Roasted Barley, Crystal Dark

HOPS: Bittering Perle  Aroma Perle 

TASTING NOTES: We broke a few rules here. One simply isn’t supposed to use this much roasted barley in a lager. How did we do it and not make this into an astringent, bitter brew? Careful temperature manipulation and timing of malt and water additions during the brew process. Deep mahogany in color, this beer has an aroma of full malt roastiness and hints of coffee. This lager shows a clean, bittersweet flavor reminiscent of cocoa, and a very restrained Noble hop character. This beer is light in alcohol and body, best in warm weather, and is a great paired with Bratwurst (same place of origin...go figure). Mmmmm, Bratwurst….

MEDALS: 2 Silver


Bavarian Dark Amber Lager     6.0% abv


KEYWORDS: Dark honey, caramel, bread crust, cookies

MALT BILL: Base – Munich  Specialties – Carafoam, CaraPils, Carahell, Caramunich

HOPS: Bittering Perle  AromaMittlefruh

TASTING NOTES: This beer is the truest showcase of malt. MALT! Delicately layered toasty cookies, caramel and toffee like aromas and flavors abound in this smooth and rich dark amber lager. Yeast character and the hops are almost but a formality, here simply to force multiply the rich malt flavors in this medium body lager. Historically, this style is a descendant of red beers of the villages of southern Bavaria, made with the carbonate-laden local waters which is perfect for darker, malty brews. Munich malt is the richest of all malts due to prolonged steeping during the malting process and quick kilning, which caramelizes the sugars. This beer shows it off. Pair with rich and robust flavors, BBQ, roasts and sausages, as well as spicy food.

MEDALS: 1 Bronze


California Common     6.7% abv


KEYWORDS: Caramel, rye bread, pepper, black tea

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pils, Vienna  Specialties – Special B, Caramunich, Toasted Flaked Oats

HOPS: Bittering Wakatu, Mittlefruh  AromaTettnang  Hop Back - Whole Leaf Tettnang

TASTING NOTES: This beer is somewhat of an identity crisis, as it’s neither an altbier nor a common, truly. This beer has a rich malt aroma, deep amber color, medium body and sweetness, balanced by an assertive hop presence, including a pass through a hop back with whole leaf Tettnang. A beer unlike many others, it borrows the grain bill from an altbier or an amber ale, lagering from a Marzen, uses Nevada City water with no adjustments, and is hopped like it was a Pilsner or a pale ale. The result could have turned out like a clown car of flavors, but, instead, it’s a car full of Jason Stathams.

MEDALS: 1 Best of Show, 3 Gold, 1 Bronze