Founders' Barrel Club

Now Closed for Sign-up 

Until now, one had to be within earshot of the Ol’ Republic Taproom to get a taste of our super-premium Project X beers. As soon as they went on-tap they disappeared.


That was then. As of October 2016, those who act quickly will be able to become Founding Members of our new Barrel Club, and take home – or give to others – these delicacies in 500 ml. Champagne-style bottles…as well as future releases as these beers ripen to maturity, not to mention the other benefits listed below.


The Extra Special Reserve (ESR) beers


  • Conn of the 100 Battles aged in whiskey barrels

  • Chocolypto aged in tequila barrels



  • Précieux aged in Cognac barrels

  • Dark Seas aged in rum barrels

  • Henry VIII aged in gin barrels

  • Bock3 (cubed) aged in Port barrels


The art of barrel aging

Aging beer in wooden vessels is an age-old tradition. Richness, depth-of-flavor, complexity and overall character are often used when describing barrel-aged beer. Common use of retired spirit barrels will add the influence of that particular spirit along with subtle wood aromatics and flavor.  Extended aging, up to 18 months, creates a synergetic enhancement to the overall flavor of the beer. Much like a chef, the real art is knowing how to match the flavor profile of the beer to the spirit barrel type along with the length of aging. The bottles you receive will have been aged to perfection and will continue to improve for many years to come. Collecting rewards patience!

What makes an ESR beer?

Magic! Every once in a while the stars align and what started as an extraordinary beer is elevated beyond description. When these rare moments are captured, these elixirs will be bottled ONLY for Founding Members in 2017. 


How it works

Ol’ Republic fans are invited to become Founding Members’ of our Barrel Club, which is limited to 49 members, for the entire world. This is a one-time opportunity and will never be repeated!


    • There will be only 49 Founders

    • Value of benefits exceeds $850

    • Founders are first in-line to become inaugural members of the Reserve Barrel Club, which requires annual renewals

    • Founders receive the 2016/2017 Reserve Barrel Club shipments


    • Bragging rights…forever!

    • One 3-liter Founding Members' commemorative bottle of a one-time-only-release, barrel-aged beer of the brewer’s choice – to be bottled in 2017

    • Reserve Barrel Club shipments of four bottles per quarter in two different styles of selected barrel aged Project X beers

    • Four Riedel Founding Members' Barrel Club etched snifter glasses

    • Charter-signing party for Founding Members’ Barrel Club and a copy of the Charter

    • Founding Members' Barrel Club dress shirt

    • Founder’s name immortalized on the taproom wall of fame

    • First invitation to barrel tasting events

    • First option for reserve seasonal releases as they become available

    • First option to acquire surplus bottles of Project X beers after distribution to lower-level members

    • Priority sign-up rights for renewal of annual membership in Reserve Barrel Club at a discounted fee

    • 20% discounts on taproom special events and merchandise

Upcoming Release

  • The signing party for the Founding Members’ Barrel Club Charter will occur in February 2017.

  • ​All items will be available for pickup at Ol’ Republic Brewery, 124 Argall Way, Nevada City, CA 95959. Members must pick up all items themselves or assign a trustee. Bottles must be picked up within two months of bottle release or could be subject to replacement with a more current release. Members will be notified of bottle releases via e-mail. Shipping is available at an additional charge if requested.

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