Project X

Project X is a collection of specialty beers that give Jim and Simon an opportunity to create truly unique beers and interpret classic styles with a modern twist. Some of these creations have been aged in wood over a period of years. These beers are limited in production and are very rarely seen on tap.


French Bière de Garde Lager  7.2% abv

KEYWORDS: White Pepper, Moss, Undergrowth, Toasted Biscuit, Orange Marmalade

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pils, Maris Otter, Vienna  Specialties – Abbey, Caramunich III, Carahell

HOPS: Bittering Styrian  Aroma – Styrian   Hop Back – Whole Leaf Styrian

TASTING NOTES: This beer is once again a hybrid of a pair of regional specialities of France. In the Alsace, being next door to Bavaria folks craft fine lagers. In Nord, from Dunkirk to Roubaix, folks are a short drive from West Flanders, famous for its farmhouse spontaneously fermented ales. Then the Germans got aggressive at the turn of the 20th century, and the French beer industry had to industrialize the Nord brewers. De Garde-ing, or Lagering, depending on which language used, has distilled itself as the de facto technique. Precieux is lagered for 6 months, and thus allows for any of the more phenolic notes that might be present in a young saison to re-absorb and re-ferment, resulting in a more refined, elegant flavor profile. We have chose the Slovenian hop Styrian, which plays right into that flavor, so what you get are earthy and warming spices, which sail effortlessly on the boat of toasted biscuit, orange marmalade, caramel and slightly prune-like notes derived from the carefully crafted malt profile.


Imperial Red Ale  9.0% abv

KEYWORDS: Satin, rich, dark caramel, raisin, toasted marshmallow

MALT BILL: Base – MCI, Golden Promise  Specialties – Peated, Caramalt, Dark Crystal

HOPS: Bittering Perle  Aroma – East Kent Golding, Fuggles 

TASTING NOTES: This is the dram one reaches for when sitting by the fire in the ski lodge. Or after a long day of fishing in an itchy sweater off the Hebrides. Deep red-maroon in appearance, it has pronounced aromas of caramel, toasted marshmallow and roast grains with a hint of smoke. Think s’more without the chocolate. Full bodied, medium sweet, smooth, yet ready for a medieval tussle, it has hints of raisins and toast. If Christina Hendricks was a beer and Liam Neeson was a beer and they made a baby, and that baby grew up and made a baby with Ewan McGregor it would be this beer. This beer has a special set of skills. Pair with aged cheeses like cheddar and Beemster, fire roasted chicken, or a lighter side of desserts.


Black Scotch Ale  6.8% abv

KEYWORDS: Peaty, roasty, rye bread, raisin

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pils, Maris Otter  Specialties – Amber, Chocolate Wheat,

Aromatic, Roasted Barley, Dark Crystal, Peated

HOPS: Bittering Perle  Aroma – Fuggles 

TASTING NOTES:  Our version of this classic is a purple-hued black ale with a light mocha-colored head. It has a rich, silky mouth feel, bold malt flavors and aromas and a creamy finish. Hop character is low, empowering its toffee and caramel malt profile to be

the highlight while not losing the subtle smoke inherent to this style. 


English Imperial Baltic Porter   10.5% abv

KEYWORDS: Roasty, dried fruit, leather, coffee, kind of a big deal

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pale  Specialties –  Caramunich III, Carabohemian, Carared,

Pale Chocolate, Chocolate

HOPS: Bittering  Herkules Aroma –  East Kent Golding, Styrian

TASTING NOTES: “I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany” - Ron Burgundy.

Deep reddish copper to dark brown, clear, and surprisingly lightweight, this charmer will read anything that’s put on the teleprompter. It’s the lager’s answer to an imperial stout. On the nose it has tamari, figs, dried plums, raisins, and leather, followed by hints of freshly ground light roast coffee. Its high octane rating isn’t too apparent on the palate, and there’s no cloying factor from any residual sugar. We made it fairly dry, especially when compared to the ale cousin, Chocolypto. This one is great before dinner, or with rich, non-spicy roasts and braises.


Imperial Chocolate Oatmeal Stout  9.0% abv

KEYWORDS: Chocolate, soft, creamy, nutty cookies

MALT BILL: Base – 2-Row Pale, MCI  Specialties – Rolled Oats, Chocolate, Various

Crystals, Black, Peated, Cocoa Shells

HOPS: BitteringPerle Aroma – Fuggles 

TASTING NOTES:  It’s the biggest and chewiest beer we make, achieved by a generous addition of rolled oats. It’s the beer Crows of The Night’s Watch drink to face the White Walkers. Think chewy chocolate chip cookies with nuts. Cocoa husks give a punch of

flavor without adding to the bitterness factor. Aromas of chocolate and dark caramel with a hint of coffee are riding on a soft silky full body. Medium sweetness is necessary to balance out the higher booze quotient and a light bittering quality of Fuggles hops.

Waves of chocolate linger. Czar Peter of Russia traveled Europe in the 18th century, and fell in love with English Export Stouts. The English brewers ratcheted up the ABV to survive the trip across the Baltic, hence the “Imperial” designation. Pair with hearty rich

smoked foods, BBQ, and chocolate cake.