The Ol' Republic Taproom has become a hub of the community - a place where people come to hold meetings, socialize, meet new friends, have first dates, play and enjoy music, drink great beer, and generally connect with each other. We hope that the Roadhouse will become an extension of that, a place where we connect over great beer and great food. We have always tried to give back to the community that supports us, and we are excited to continue that tradition at the Roadhouse. 

Our award-winning European lagers and ales are the focus at the Roadhouse bar. With three Best of Show positions over the last few years — including an overall 1st place – we'd be crazy for it not to be. We also have a collection of wines on tap, guest beers, ciders, and an exciting liquor selection to round out the bar.


We offer classic Roadhouse fare including burgers, pizzas, and smoked and BBQ'd meats The menu also includes some of our own personal favorite recipes and comfort foods. We believe that great food comes from great ingredients, and we believe in treating them in the best way possible. Classics are classics for a reason, but we will tailor tastes towards a modern palate.


The newly revitalized and redecorated interior is reminiscent of Alpine lodges with dark wood and a fire place, but with an airy contemporary look and feel that is casual and inviting.


The Roadhouse is now open, so be ready for great food and beer crafted for conversation.